Thanks for not demonizing milk. There’s a lot of information that needs to be put to work about the quality and varieties of animal milk. There are many varieties (goat, sheep, yak, etc). There are type A1 and A2 cows (based on the casein components of the milk they produce, and the genetics of the cows. There’s the quality of feed given to the cows, the care they receive, the pollution (both in the environment and the plastics used for packaging) of the processing, the harsh exploitation of farmers as well as the land by banks and governments that want fewer farms to monitor and regulate, as well as the lobbying power of processors who manipulate the prices and quality based on the markets and regulation dysfunctions.

We don’t need people going crazy with blanket statements about anything. Those are ‘fans’ of various stripes (animal rights, veganism, moralizers, profiteers and advertisers who whip up those fanatics in order to sell other advertising), and then there’s always the lobbyists all around making a literal killing by manipulating the public and the government.

Humans have survived for centuries, often only because they could care for and use dairy products to eat and to store. An overabundance of fickle information is no reason to stop seeking useful science and beneficial versions of things we have benefited from in the past, and that could benefit the land and the children if implemented properly.

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