Thanks for taking the time to investigate. I haven’t kept up with the propaganda. I started supporting the idea of a sales tax, then the prebate 20 years ago. The body of people who are sponsoring it believe exactly what it says there: less encumbered economics are their wet dream. In answer to your question, I have an aphorism: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer because we work for them and buy their stuff. If there is no more income tax, then wages are left more in the hands of the workers to be empowered. When luxury items double in price because of sales tax, the concept of cottage manufacturing and labors of love are more valuable to local people. The rich lose out because we stop going crazy over crap nobody really needs. Cash becomes useful and debt becomes ludicrous(borrowing at interest to pay sales tax?) My view of it is the anti-consumerism value, as well as the active participation in how much people can choose to pay the tax or make things themselves with their tax-free wages and interest on savings.

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