Thanks for the reply, Kady M. Someone once said, “You’re so far right, you’re Left” to me. I embrace that saying because it doesn’t make sense to people who can’t step outside their bubble. The way I try to explain it is to say that if you follow the reasoning of either the Left or the Right and extrapolate into the future, you only find a dead (planet) end. Both are based on extraction-based, unfettered anthropocentrism. They all teach how ridiculous it was when Galileo was imprisoned by the Catholic Pope for challenging dogma, yet they all would do the same thing to protect corporate aristocracy over a response able future for our grandchildren. No public figure can challenge the entrenched version of civilization (city-based society) or markets (extraction). All of it ‘justified’ as ‘God’s Will’, which always seems to favor patriarchal exploitation of the weak (surprise).

Between these two programs — -the industrial and the agrarian, the global and the local — -the most critical difference is that of knowledge. The global economy institutionalizes a global ignorance, in which producers and consumers cannot know or care about one another, and in which the histories of all products will be lost. In such circumstances, the degradation of products and places, producers and consumers, is inevitable.
― Wendell Berry, The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays

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