Thanks for this article. There are a lot of aspects I would like to expand on, but this hits the core of it. In addition to the support level (see “prebate” at, there needs to be a negative feedback on consumptionism. I say “consumptionism” rather than “consumerism” because it’s a different animal. Consumptionism is a culture of buying a life instead of living it (Imperialism at home). Consumerism is an economic model of selling things to consumers. The latter is easy to beat with sales taxes (and difficult to beat because.. “sales taxes”). The former is a religion that has grown from the economic tools of cheap food and cheap disposable products (our empire is built on cheap oil and farmer-slaves). Both seem to be inevitable emergent phenomena from the basic tenet of human civilization: isolation from nature’s risks and responsibilities.

To celebrate living for the sake of living “ordinary” lives is difficult in a culture and economy based on competitive perpetual growth and marketed anthropocentric morality (religion, humanism, etc.), themselves based on an ancient war against Nature.

In other words, how can one ‘sell’ the idea of not buying/consuming life and living it instead as servants of the resources our grandchildren will need? Making this ordinary or normal is quite a challenge.

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