Thanks for writing this, Phil. It’s pretty good, but I want to suggest you think about something and pass it on if you understand.

The problem is competitive consumptionism. We can harp until the end of the world about all of the symptoms that are taking place (climate change, violence, environmental damage, resource losses, human selfishness, etc), but the core of the problem is that human beings think they are somehow exempt from producing natural resources or contributing to the future of the resources their children will need. Capitalism is an offshoot of the belief that humans can buy everything they need and consume it without consequence, and the current System of systems works very hard to hide the actual cost of the things we buy. That one deception (externalization of costs from the consumer) is what allows people to believe they are making a ‘profit’ when they ‘buy low, sell high’ even as their grandchildren are erased from existence by lack of resources.

Talk doesn’t put the awareness of consequences at the one point everyone makes their decisions. It only vaguely makes them feel guilty. Only high sales taxes will affect how people see the choices they make.

With tax credits, the wind and solar industries took off because of demand, especially when gasoline was expensive. When people see that the prices they have been paying are only a fraction of the cost to the future, perhaps they will stop consuming and start growing things, nurturing the world, and fixing what they have instead of throwing it out.

All of our current system is driven by pricing and hidden consequences. Let’s make that drive reflect reality for every person to stop working and buying senselessly.

Please go to and tell the Democrats to negotiate the rate and prebate upward until everyone has enough money for seeds and the rich stop getting away with economics-based murder.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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