Thanks. I resemble your example. Perhaps not to the depth of criticism you intend, but I’m going to take it to heart anyway and use it to motivate myself to write my own stories, if only short paragraphs and probably bizarre or offensive, instead of my somewhat self-serving knee-jerk comments. In defense, I have tried to use other people’s stories in a different context (at least as I see it), which is to save a lot of unnecessary writing (there’s so much volume of good stuff on Medium already), to learn the mood of Medium, and to just participate outside my comfort zone. I try to either add or rephrase a topic that someone has written at length if only for purposes of condensation or clarity. I hadn’t thought that their stories were “not about the nail!” (If you aren’t familiar with that, search YouTube), unless they state it up front.

I try to be in context of Dansplain, not mansplain. The difference is that someone else usually asks first, and I do try to assume other people already know useful things and just need a leg up to get to it, though I do live in the Tangent.

Digital entitlement? Maybe not so evidenced by the hundreds of drafts in my account that I didn’t feel worthy to post after I wrote them.

Anyway, thanks again for making me think.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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