Thanks. Learned some more today. I think there’s good work to be done by questioning everything, especially culture and beliefs. The Republican party is the scrapyard party. Their function seems to be focused on disassembly of systems (hence the need for an enormous war budget). They disassembled slavery, but now work to disassemble the systems built on civilization of our culture: the “rugged individualism” myth that sells so many trucks, BBQ grills and guns. Trump is made in that mold, but with that dose of random oblivious stupidity that is so endearing to ”pioneers”.

I admit that I tend to oversimplify things. I categorize inequality issues under “bullying”. I don’t mean a democratic majority, but actual physical or emotional threats, the strong exploiting those with less power. Do humans have the conscious intentionality to control their own power over others, or must equality be achieved only with equal power and force? Passing laws is just blowing smoke if the laws aren’t followed. Forcing people to follow laws they disagree with leads to revolt. Americans need a coherent policy AND cooperative mindset. The class struggle is important, but it’s the result of unfettered competition (fewer and fewer winners and more and more losers). Can we achieve socialized capitalism without bigoted nationalism?

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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