Thanks, Mike. I read to learn; including the comments.

My interpretation is that Kamala Harris is intelligent and was good at her job, and the system she worked for has a definite racial bias, but we have to include the other systems involved in developing that bias. Many commenters don’t want to think about a loss in November as a real possibility that they can’t blame on midwest factory farmers alone.

Democrats have been disorganized, weak and dependent on primarily urban bases, but cities are dying from their own successes now (too many people too close together), and we really need to get ahead of what’s going to happen to those who can’t leave. When consumerism dries up, the trickle of piss from trickle down economics is going to dry up. Democrats first have to recognize that that’s all the poor have been getting: pissed on by both parties. They have to acknowledge the privilege of their own credentialist empires, and how they’ve tolerated the capitalists that maintained liberals as pets.

I think black men have always seen it and maybe that’s another reason they avoid voting even if they haven’t been trapped in the System of systems' gears.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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