The break point doesn’t have to break capitalism, but to finish the machine. Capitalism is incomplete: like a car without brakes. The Invisible Hand doesn’t actually exist. AI should show how unfettered rapacity is suicidal when coupled with blind faith in a nonexistent feedback mechanism. Adding a UBI (especially if it’s tied to inflation), is more of the same. Any dumb AI can tell you that there will need to be feedback at the point of spending choice. In other words, sales taxes that are tied to resource consumption/development. On top of that, the AI will question the usefulness of people to the future of the resource base availability. Humans will be forced to support the natural world with their labors, rather than consume it blindly. Capitalism (monetary decision making) still has a place in that world, but the human part is to create natural, useful wealth rather than artificial, useless piles of paperwork or Bitcoin. Like capitalism, AI is simply a tool that we need to know how to use. “Are you workin' on your machinery, or is it workin' on you?” — Paranoid Larry. We can already build robots to replace consumers. The answer is not to avoid being a robot, but to avoid being a consumer robot. The creator robots will see you as a bug and recycle your parts. Creator humans have always been subservient to consumer masters. Robots don’t believe in authority.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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