The Democrats don’t need money. They need to stop being fucking car dealers, suck in their guts, use some common sense and show some integrity. No more ads. No more emails. Just take all that money and give it to people who need it to make useful changes. The advertising agencies are the opposite of that. This election needs some reality injections, and that doesn’t take so much money as honest evaluation of the unfettered rapacity that is sold as “freedom”. People don’t need to”pursue happiness”, they need to do useful work for their own children’s future. No more talk of the middle class, or “jobs” with no contribution to the future of life on earth. It’s time for universal basic income and consumption tax to moderate the economy. We have to think in terms of contributing to our resources, not the mere preservation of them. THE ECONOMY IS NOT THE COUNTRY!!! The money is not the election.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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