The Democrats’ Modernity Problem

Progressivism doesn’t always have to go forward.

Yeah, no. You don’t really want to ask what I think.

oe Biden’s minions keep stopping by our house. It is annoying. It’s not just Joe’s minions, but he does represent the problem with the DNC in general: rich white folks who are too old to forget the uselessness of their own history and the futility of humanism when the dominant species is actually money.

e’ve seen the rants that the Republicans want to take us back to the Dirty Dancing ‘50s, where racism is rampant and rape and abortion are a right for Good ‘ole Boys and a black market ‘opportunity’ for doctors. Do we question the contemporary paradigms, though? Really? Is the problem that women are being told what to do with their bodies or is it that everything in our economy is geared toward raping everything?

“Joe wants to build infrastructure for renewable energy!” Do we really need that, though? What if Americans had access to totally free electricity? What would they actually do with it? They’d use the money they saved to buy bigger TVs and electric trucks to make even more trips to buy even more beer and snacks for the Stupor Bowl. Netflix and Apple and Amazon would get a windfall of money to buy more private islands and sell even more freely shipped shiny noisy crap. “Alexa, get me something fun to play with that will generate enough plastic to choke the last sea turtles so I can stop hearing about that shit.”

The Democrats don’t have a fucking clue. The bullshit of Fanatical Consumptionism is so thick that not only can’t you get a sword sharp enough to cut it, you would have to do so from another planet in order to find the big red self-destruct button sticking out of the thawing tundra in Alaska.

We are so hung up on the “progress we’ve made in the last 100 years” that we can’t stop and look at the destructive power of humanity, and that what we’ve had in the last 100 years has not been “progress”, but simply self-deluding entertainment. Americans, especially, are so proud of their Manifest Destiny and World Police status as the Righteous Saviors of the world that we can’t see our economic policies as suicidal for the entire human race.

Now we have an electoral campaign to see who is most “electable” in a field of candidates promising to bring us more of the same, but to do so somehow ‘better’ than “those other assholes”.

It doesn’t matter. We’re fucked. The climate has already reached tipping points that we were afraid to accept as even possible just 4 years ago. In quests to preserve our economic model, both Democrats and Republicans have steadfastly supported the corporate competitive extraction model that takes as many resources as possible from the Earth at the fastest possible rate, and every one will cheer on those manipulative psychotic marketers that make it all possible. They won’t show up in Hamburg, Iowa, though. No money there. Just people working together to solve big problems. Can’t have that. It doesn’t sell cars on the news product.

Now, they are again promising to “Build Infrastructure!” and “Tax the Rich!” because that’s somehow different than “Keep American Great Again!”, but not as far as the planet is concerned.

None will even consider proposing a sales tax on consumerism itself that would slow down our destruction of this planet. That wouldn’t be “progressive”. None are talking about contingency plans to evacuate our coastal areas and move the government away from the swamp it resides in. Dear Donald: You can’t drain the swamp when the ocean is higher than the fucking swamp.

Homo Sapiens Rapiens: the last planet-wide technological species on Earth: the only evidence of their existence left in 100 million years being two spaceships lost in the galaxy and some junk parts abandoned on its airless moon.

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