“the government financially supports low-wage employers by largely not allowing their workers to starve to death or go without a home”

I snipped that out of context only to make a point:

“Let them eat ‘cake’!”

The point to the subsidies (as far as government’s quid pro quo) is to keep people from getting out the pitchforks and torches, not to feed or shelter them. The true benefit for WalMart and Amazon et al is not just that they make higher profits, but that their buildings and executives are allowed to exist because people aren’t THAT pissed off yet, and the police state keeps the people from gathering in coherent groups who could take over some land and start a local resource-based economic system.

As long as the ‘fact’ checkers only focus on words, then the capitalist ideologies are still safe in their unfettered rapacity. Yes, Trump is the village idiot, but the idiot village put him in charge and now it’s up to the non-idiots to put him to work instead of just complaining and attacking every idiot thing he says and every idiot that the idiot mongers allow him to appoint.

It takes a village to make an idiot useful or let him run amok, neither half of the village is free of response-ability. The press is playing the sides against each other for advertising profit to prevent the village from being a village.

Before the ‘fact-checkers’ can claim such a title, they first have to get off their chairs and go find some actual facts to talk about, rather than playing word games.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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