The Schoolyard Election Playbook

What’s bugging your playground? Picture by me.

Bullying isn’t leadership, but humans have evolved to not know the difference.

Our institutions make excuses for the bullies because bullies collect everyone’s lunch money and toys.

The girls pretend to be dumb in order to get the biggest, dumbest bullies to support their children.

These days, everything is mixed up because nerds became economic bullies and playboys became presidents. The regular Christian bullies are forced to support the playboys because the playboys took their toy (control of the moms).

The teachers' pets have spent so long trying not to offend anyone that they never learned how to make anything except macaroni posters, so their only option is to shame the bullies into letting go of some of the lunch money.

Hmmm…yup. That about sums it up.

Oh yeah, the shelter in the basement of the school is flooding and the tornado sirens are screaming.

At this point, does anyone care if the monkey cuts the wire?

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