The key to restoring a sense of value in labor and people’s cooperation lies in higher prices, rather than lower ones. People do what is easier or more convenient, and if we want them to do things for themselves (grow food, build communities, conserve resources, care for each other), then we have to make it more expensive to purchase those things instead of making those things happen locally. Most of those cheap goods have externalized the costs to transport, acquire and advertise them. The massive corporate structures exploit the sources of materials and labor because “profits”. Government goes along because “investments” and “The Economy” and “Job creators”.

All political and corporate decisions are made at the point of purchase: one dollar = one vote. The dollars always vote for the other dollars, not for people or land conservancy, and the prices are manipulated to keep people addicted to cheap goods and habitualized to consumptionism (not the same as consumerism). Consumptionists don’t need skills except to acquire money. They have no connection to reality except the cost of money, and when money is replaced by easy credit, they are enslaved while believing themselves free to make “choices”, but all of their choices involve spending money on something.

Sales taxes are less regressive than a dead planet, but cheap goods always encourage people to vote for a dead planet.

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