The more people believe they need a car, the more they bet on a transition from gasoline to EV, but underlying it all is the number of vehicles purchased that don't need to be purchased, the lifespan of EV vs. IC vehicles, and the huge overhead that has become bloated by dealer networks and coercive marketing. At some point, the vehicle market will shrink to where it's appropriate to needs, rather than unfettered rapacity. There won't be as many EVs as we have gas vehicles, homes will all have solar supplementation and off-grid temporary storage, as well as grid-distributed balancing connected to those still on grid.

Used EVs will get cheaper as the lifespans increase. Anyone who needs to charge every day can buy a spare car, so one charges during the day while they are at work from their solar panels, or swappable battery vehicles.

There are myriad pathways that don't follow the IC /fuel distribution/vehicle model.

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