The opposite of capitalism isn’t socialism: it’s sales taxes. The problem with UBI as most people think of it is that they believe it needs to counteract capitalist forces by ‘giving’ people something. Instead, we have to think of UBI as the value paid for being a citizen of a society. The cost of all goods needs to be visible at the decision point (the decision to buy food instead of growing it oneself or with neighbors). The fundamental issue is whether people know what their value is, what the value of the goods they receive is, what the cost of buying everything really is, and what they are giving up by surrendering their time to get a job instead of building and living in a place without external employment. We have become so accustomed to the jobs market as ‘normal’ that we have forgotten what it means to be a human being integrated with the source of our livelihoods. Civilization (city-based living) isolates humans from the responsibilities and risks of the natural world. Great for supporting aristocracies and religions, but not so much for supporting the planet and people who need to live on it: UNLESS we charge the cost of living to consumerism, where it belongs rather than to labor and creativity (income taxes). See Negotiate the rate and prebate until a sensible synergy between usefulness and consumption is established. Get rid of the overhead and corruption of the income tax code. Sales taxes are less regressive than a dead planet.

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