“The opposite of consumption is not frugality; it is generosity.” Raj Patel. We are conditioned by the evolutionary trap of our own problem-solving abilities to be extractors of resources. A species survives over the very long term when it contributes more to its future environment than it consumes in resources. The lions cull the weak antelope. Fish and fowl and plants all act according to a symbiotic relationship with their environments. Humans invented walls and cities to isolate ourselves from the environmental risks that made us what we were. We will continue to be unfettered extractors until there isn’t anything holding up our walls. We could be the watchful guardians of the planet, protecting it from catastrophic collisions and nurturing diverse life, but that would assume that humans are intentional enough as a species to do so. Up until now, intentionality and consciousness are just a bug, not a sustainable feature. Intentionality won’t be proven sustainable until we purposely develop it as a contributor to the environment, rather than just a consumptionism lubricant.

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