“The opposite of consumption is not frugality: it’s generosity.”- Raj Patel

We have become habitualized to equating “economics” to “growth economics” and “extraction economics.”

The anthropocentric mindset is what has caused an overgrowth of human animals on the planet, and an extreme power grab by profiteers to maintain a form of aristocracy where people believe they need perpetual growth. Prior to modern times, life was hard, but humans existed and did it without money, at sustained levels over long periods of time. With money, a few people managed to manipulate the money flow toward themselves, and the wealth of the planet’s resources away from those closest to the land. This destructive economics system has created obese, lazy and mind-numbingly susceptible people that make the rich richer and the poor dead. To put it another way, Earth, Inc. has about 8 billion employees and they only show up to steal the supplies for their bosses.

Regardless of the climate change issue itself (global warming), even if it wasn’t happening, humans are on a path to purchase/eat/manufacture themselves out of a future home. This is the existential dilemma that environmentalists really face because they actually consider it. The aphorism goes, “Any TRUE environmentalist would commit suicide.” Maybe that’s one way to look at it, but first there’s a lot of work for environmentalists to do to stop the ignorant people from doing so. Especially the ones who are kept ignorant by money, cheap food and trusts.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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