The opposite side of the coin is the value of the metal used to make it.

You present an excellent case of what the price should be for an average hour of time (is it really ’labor' anymore? Hardly ever), but the money and human beings' usefulness to their place, have been devalued by 'productivity' gains in technology and business management (exploitation), as well as government hiding actual inflation while encouraging it in order to function at a deficit.

All of it is running on the underlying function of devaluing everything and inflating currency volume/flow to pretend the 30,000 point stock market isn’t really at 4,000 (1970 dollars). The guts of even that 4,000 are based on filling landfills with trash and building houses to fill with exercise equipment (see note about 'labor’), as well as hyper-debt consumer enslavement (why the polls hate Liz Warren).

Meanwhile, ag companies are developing robots to grow our food so that even fewer people have work to do.

45 inflated bucks sounds about right. I want back pay for farming, though: plus overtime and holiday pay. Including when I was a kid and not getting paid at all (economists love to glaze over the “not including family farm workers" clause).

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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