The problem that needs to be addressed is not money or jobs (except as tools). The real issue is a human’s usefulness to their own future. Does an individual have means that enable them to contribute more usefulness to their own and the world’s future than they consume in resources?

An alternative program is to have only one tax on consumption, and give a prebate to everyone, no questions asked. The objective being to discourage resource waste and provide minimum empowerment, rather than blindly encouraging cash flows that disconnect value from use or people.

We have reached the point where people are only considered to be a cost, not a resource. What do they need to be a resource? Education, stability, community, nutrition and shelter. They don’t need cities, cars, banks, jobs or a stock market, yet all of the news is focused on the latter. If people were to truly fend for themselves as libertarians believe, then most of what we know would not exist. The basis of our civilized fantastic world relies on getting other people to either fend for someone else (job) or to exist as competition (belief and demand for a job), keeping wages low and power in the hands of those doling out jobs(or prison sentences). In the end, it’s all enabled by a few farmers getting pennies on the dollar for every product they sell and making sure that the smartest kids leave the farms before figuring out what their tractors (or strikes) can do to cities.

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