The problem with our capitalism is that it is an open loop consumptionist system. That problem isn’t the capitalism per se: it’s the way we take resources and don’t moderate our behavior, let alone put more value back into the world than we take (ask a farmer what this means).

The highest return on lobbying is when they push for special tax breaks. The majority of people don’t even know how much they are worth because so much money is taken before they see it, by a system where the tax accountants end up running companies because of the complexities of the code.

People don’t know the true cost of buying products because prices are manipulated and natural costs and social costs are externalised.

If you want people to make better decisions (one dollar = one vote), then the simplest way is to put all overhead and government costs at the decision point: the cash register. All taxes should be sales taxes. That’s where everyone’s influence in a capitalist system is tallied.

When the prices are manipulated (Always Low Prices), then people don’t really know what they are choosing.

Sales taxes are less regressive than a dead planet or a collapsed government. .. make April 15 just another day.

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