The problem with taxing the rich is that it depends on someone being rich. In order to empower the poor, you have to convince them to stop giving their resources away in exchange for baubles and bathrooms and gasoline to drive to the mall to buy new clothes to drive to the mall (yes, the ‘middle’ class are poor, too).

If you want Change, keep it in your pocket. All taxes should be sales taxes so people stop and think about what their jobs and debts and trinkets really cost them BEFORE they give their wealth to the rich to buy yachts and banks and islands. Human beings lived for an awful long time without advertising. With advertising came world wars and fanatical competicism. Regardless of how much they get paid, most are convinced that Life (and time) is something you can buy, not something that is hard work.

We can’t buy our way out of consumptionism. We have to stop digging and abandon the comfortable hole that the System of systems puts people in. Humanity doesn’t have to be at war with the planet. We are supposed to be working for it, not stealing the supplies to trade with aristocrats to get corn syrup, clicks and cars.

The Left won’t eat the Rich until they stop feeding (and feeding off) them, and the Right believes they ARE the Rich, even as they build everything on deficits, claiming to be conservative.

Nature bats last.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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