The problems of UBI are easily remedied by eliminating the corruption of the income tax code and putting ALL taxes as sales tax. Carbon, wealth inequality, and a lot of mental illnesses are caused by people making choices (nearly all choices driving America are made at the checkouts) with disinformation and no options. The point to consider most is whether $1000 per month is enough to grow one’s own food and just stay home, maybe visit some local places by walking or electric transport.. When people have the option of not being trapped into an exploitative job situation to get health care and food (and forced to buy a car to get to that job), a lot of things change about the economy and the security and stability of society.

The numbers will never work out to convince capitalists because the big problems are caused by capitalists screwing with the numbers in their favor, either through manipulating congress with tax codes or by manipulating prices and scaring the hell out of everyone to get them to hate each other, just so they watch the advertisements on the news. We’ve been teaching children for 3 generations that fanatical competicism is the only way to live. It’s bullshit that makes a lot of money for some very rich people and their banks and lawyers.

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