The scariest part is how the competitive free market can’t seem to let go of its bullshit long enough to figure out the encryption problem end to end is a lack of moderation. Too many cooks filling the pot with everyone’s cast-off boxes of garage parts instead of purposely setting goals and restrictions on systems and rate of change. Just like Covid19, we predeploy systems to stabilize and prepare for attacks, then send a bunch of clowns out honking horns and throwing money pies at everyone in the audience instead of following procedures that have been known for decades(isolation, firewalls, physical keys with randomized codes). The PTB have gotten filthy rich while skipping these basics under the pretense that it will slow down 'progress' and cost too much money.

Bitcoin is going to disappear soon enough because of the same reasoning. You can’t just pretend that you have security, even though most of us are operating on that blind faith right now (Look everyone! It’s ’the cloud’!)

Yes, security is inherently more complex than the systems it applies to, but just because something is complicated doesn’t mean it’s secure.

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