The terminology being used distracts from the basic science of thermodynamics.

We cannot 'save' much at this point, but we can save some people. These negotiations and treaties are farcical when compared to actual carbon and methane release over the last 40 years. The system’s inertia is such that we are still at the beginning of the hockey stick that will continue rising even if we stopped all that activity today (with a 2 degree jump if the planes stop flying). The tipping points are inevitable now, so migration and mitigation (de-urbanization, cooperation, abandonment of high infrastructure supported systems and cities) are the only practical approaches. That’s if you even believe humans can act with good will and intentionality. Mostly, they act by conditioned responses: as all of ‘God’s’ agents on Earth want them to.

We go to war out of habit for crap we don’t really need.

Now we’re murdering a whole planet for the sake of television money. Why is that orange thing getting so much attention? Do people actually change any of their behaviors because of the news stories? No. They just get thirsty and hungrier from the advertising he sells.

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