The thought that came to me as I was driving through Iowa farms yesterday is this: Of the 330 million people in the US, only about 1 million stand between those 330 million and starvation. As the climate instabilities start stacking up (as witnessed by the late planting going on and the water standing in fields of yellowed corn (meaning the nitrogen has been washed into the Mississippi and the roots are drowning)), very few even of those 1 million are trained in adaptable farming tools (season extension, animal grazing, animal diversity, cover crops, organic methods, etc).

And you thought that food stamps and money were the big issues…as I know they are for you personally (been there). We have a System of monetary systems that tells humans what to do now. As we try to understand what’s wrong, one of the first things to realize is that our ‘leaders’ are not making decisions: their money and its servants are doing the voting for more money, not better lives for people.

There is probably more money and energy used to provide video feeds on the internet (server farms, buildings, cameras, phones, wars and trade imbalances for rare earth metals, etc) than is used to produce food. Yet so many people are hungry…and all they really need is some land, time, seeds and cooperation. That’s all humans had for thousands and thousands of years before money was invented.

Now all we have is money or the lack thereof deciding which lives of what type will be tolerated.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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