The “Truth” in a capitalist society, is sales tax that represents the overhead costs of all of its civilization. The biggest untruth in America is the income tax code. Democrats lie about its ‘progressiveness’ (the tax breaks and ‘benefits’ are not paid by the rich: they are merely passed on or imagined into existence by debt-based government). Republicans lie about giving “tax breaks” to a mythical “middle” class that is nonexistent, but everyone believes they are in it and vote like they are so they can believe they are ‘better’ than their neighbors. Debt is encouraged with overconsumption, while self-value (savings, local work, frugality, usefulness) is discouraged.

Would Trump have ever existed in a world where we didn’t encourage people to give their lives and money in exchange for crap and TV entertainment (tax-deductible advertising)?

We live in a Capitalist system. Everything is bought and sold. Moderation, therefore, has to be at the decision points that are effective: the checkouts. Morality in a capitalist system is tabulated and multiplied and passed to politicians through bribes and contributions so that we go to war to get more stuff to go to war.

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