The USDA wants nothing to do with nutrition, and the FDA wants nothing to do with crops.

Liberals want to provide progressive systems of taxation to support their demographic base (the poor), yet won’t support sales taxes that would eliminate the income tax and put the real cost of poor health, corporate lobbying, and military overreach at the decision point: the cash registers. If we get people informed at the point they make choices, and THEN give them a prebate to make it progressive, maybe their kids will start to learn how to garden and cook things themselves.

We don’t need massive oversight and complicated systems to inform people: just real pricing and no tax breaks for corporations (especially the deduction of advertising as a business expense).

One dollar = one vote, but we’re letting the corporations, banks and Wall Street do our voting with dollars we earn but never touch. They vote for low farm prices to support processors and low oil prices to support transportation. They never vote for better health or local economics.

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