The vast majority of ‘jobs’ are for people to make or do things that don’t benefit the future of their children in any way. Earth, Inc has billions of employees all getting paid a living in one way or another, yet they spend their time stealing resources and not adding any usefulness to the planet/company. The minimum wage issue is mostly governed by the philosophy of “always low prices” propping up an economy based on people buying things they shouldn’t be buying with money they don’t get paid from corporations that exploit their labors and avoid regulation or taxation. Until we ask, “What are people FOR?” in a universal, future-dependent resource context, we will always be chasing our tails with monetary discussions of what is “fair” or “humane” or “profitable” because the decisions are not encompassing raw materials and nature’s economics.

Economists told us in the 80s that there were too many family farmers to be ‘efficient’, so we had to lose them. Now, they tell us that the corporate hog farms washing across North Carolina are “too big to fail” and we have to put up with the ‘efficiencies of scale’ if we want to have cheap food. The premise that food should be cheap is the very first brick in a fundamental myth that poor people have to remain poor if the rich are going to own stuff and write checks to politicians. They will always fight tooth and nail to keep from paying people (and the planet) the value they deserve.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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