There are some naive or misleading points in your essay, but overall, it’s on the right track. In answer to the question of something for nothing, nature expects any species to give more than it takes. We aren’t getting that from our leaders and employers. On another point,.banks don’t create money from nothing: they convince you to promise to burn resources(plus interest) somewhere in the future, in order to pay the money back. Governments that borrow money are doing so times 5, if they are taking 20%. By this, I mean that in order for government to pay a 1 million dollar loan, they have to encourage 5 million in our income to get that million. By encouraging inflation, the money they pay back is worth less than the money they borrow.

People can be useful to the planet, but extraction, as a rule, is not a sustainable concept. Competition for resource extraction adds exponentially to its destruction. On the other hand, if the goal of humanity was to care for and nurture earth’s resources, there wouldn’t be a problem. Establishing value and needs is a lot simpler with a sustainable goal in mind. Calling for a minimum basic income is moot as long as our lives are disconnected from the consequences and needs of the resources.

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