There, I pushed you to 1000 votes. Now let's talk about the actual corruption that allowed Trump to become an icon of idiocracy: the income tax code and consumerism.

American democracy starts where influence is developed and peddled, and that's at the cash registers.

One dollar really is one vote in this country. Advertising is theft of time and attention, and Trump is the epitome of stealing people's time and not providing anything in return. He's the drunk on a barstool who just won't shut up even when his words are so slurred together that nobody understands what he's saying.

Underlying all of American exceptionalism is the core of civilization itself: humans building city walls to isolate themselves from the risks and responsibilities of the natural world, and then using the cash register receipts to justify raiding and extracting resources from everywhere without replacing or nurturing those resources for the future.

You want to blame the conservatives or Trump, but the Left and the Democrats want to keep the same fracking shell game going: they just want to "Tax the Rich!" and redistribute the ill gotten gains of colonialism/consumptionism to all of the little consumerists so those little consumerists will continue to vote for the bastard stepchildren(politicians) of the Big Consumerists.

Meanwhile, the best investment most companies make is to buy a congressman of any stripe (and write it off on their taxes after the profits from government programs fall on them).

All of it is favored by the income tax code and the fear and loathing it instills in the 'little people' to keep them from questioning why they have to spend hundreds of hours accounting for every penny they make and spend while a bankrupt pickle vendor gets to go golfing 1/5th of the time he's getting paid to 'lead' the country.

It's because we work for these people and buy their stuff.

Republicans didn't put Trump in office; consumers did.

You wonder how he got any votes.

It's because as idiotic and silly as he is, he actually represented the anti-HWFO (Hand Waving FreakOutery) class of people who are afraid of being cancelled from their job or their town for driving a car with a gasoline engine or for calling someone fat.

We can't have reasonable democracy until the people who are supposed to be the voices of reason and democracy (educated conservatives and liberals) stop making money hand over fist for sensationalizing every..god..damned..thing.

Americans are addicted to cat pictures on Faecesbook because everything else is being drilled into their brains with targeted advertising that is subsidized by all of the people who believe "sales taxes are regressive" and freedom means bullying anyone you want.

The opposite of Capitalism is not Socialism: it's sales tax. Socialism is the opposite of bullying. We don't have an Anti-Bully party because humans didn't evolve to tell the difference between bullying and leadership.

Humans bully everything to get what they want, and they want whatever they see. Advertising makes sure they see what makes a profit for the advertisers.

All we've seen on the media is Trump Trump Trump because he sells beer beer beer.

One dollar = one vote, and the dollars always vote for the other dollars.

If you want Change, keep it in your pocket.

The Left only needs to negotiate the rate to be environmentally friendly and the prebate to be UBI.

Nobody needs insurance. They need good health. Good health comes from caring for their own places and their grandchildren's future places, not from money or corporations.

"A corporation is a pile of money to which a group of men swears moral allegiance." -Wendell Berry

The stock market is the casino where everyone fanatically bets on the competitive moral turpitude of those men.

Trump gave half the country the opportunity to bet on the moral turpitude of a corporate name without having any money.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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