There’s just not a way to get pissed enough, is there? Some years back, Derrick Jensen made the point (he was talking about the pain caused to our environment) that until you lose all hope, you will wait and see what alternatives will be presented(“Hope is what got the Jews to get on the trains.”). Most of us say we believe in scientific analysis and prediction to decide how to act, but even with millions of acres on fire, 5 simultaneous tropical storms, over 200,000 people dead, and our politicians refusing to act like adults, we sit on our asses and wait to see what will change. BLM is a desperate act of decency in the face of collapse, and half the media treat it as a threat while all of them treat it as advertising revenue.

Granted, writing is an act, and it’s a risk more for some of us than others, but after 30 years of trying to make a point pop some bubble of delusion or another, I’ve come to the realization that Americans are satisfied with the comfortable privilege of mindlessly consuming their own children’s future. Apparently, it’s God’s will to have a $70,000 brokeback cowboy crewcab that doesn’t have a long enough bed to haul their $10,000 television home to brainwash their annoying little future influencers.

The deplorables collecting guns and building forest hideyholes while laughing at 'librals' may be scary to think about, but the lame-ass pseudo-woke coastal credentialists will be first to ride the Imperial authoritarian jobs bus to Grand Poohbah Bezos' labor camp when their bitcoin, home equities and 401Ks are proven to be smoke and mirror products of inflationary imagination economics: If anyone lives that long.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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