They're playing whack-a-mole because nobody wants to stand up and point a finger at the real issue humanity faces: fanatically competitive dumbassery. Ever since the first pope or Adam said, "Hold my beer and watch THIS!", humans have been throwing money at shitheads and following them to the ends of the Earth.

Now we're at the end of the Earth (as we know it), and still too dumb to say "Stop it!" to senseless and mean behaviors.

We have evolved to not know the difference between bullying and leadership, and to throw money and votes at the former and discount the latter because it is "elitist" or "smarty pants".

America is the mean Mean. On average, the marketers plan for it and encourage it. Most of human education now comes from advertising, which is tax-deductible for the corporations profiting by making people compete mindlessly over anything they possibly can.

Clothes, credentials, age, weight, size, gender, skin color, income, language, geography: you pick something and then look at how people are taught to compete over it instead of cooperating for their own places and interests, especially after being taught that their interests involve buying something they can't afford.

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