This is a good conversation starter. Thanks. As someone who is also working with small farm machinery, I see the value of ergonomically beneficial tools. We already have the technology and systems to minimize the drudgery of farming, but we have a greater problem with society. Our model of education tends to relegate the best and brightest to city work and careers, but we need genius farmers, plumbers and workers to be integrated into the WHOLE system. Our farmers have done more than they were asked, but our leaders and philosophers have crashed and burned. We’ve spent the last century eliminating jobs that engaged our hands and minds only to find diabetic, obese billions with no direction but wars, hokey religions and consumerism. Now, we are trying to exploit a few organic farmers by developing locally unsustainable, complicated robots that will continue farming long after the planet is too hot for humans. Isn’t perpetual growth grand?! Why, you might ask, am I so cynical? Because I will be the one getting the calls when the robot gets run inside the combine and both have to be repaired for an underpaid, doe-eyed urban hipster on a Saturday night in the middle of nowhere.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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