This is great stuff, Thanks.

Oh, it's sooo cute that you think advertising and propaganda are two separate things. Awww.

In between Anderson Cooper's 'serious' infomercials for the Empire are all of the revenue streams supporting his 'news product'.

25? years ago, National Geographic (a 'bastion of science') did a big article on Peak Oil. Opposite the title page was a full page ad for Cadillac's Escalade.

There is absolutely no separation. The people writing the ads for products are the same people writing the propaganda, whether they work for Madison Ave or the CIA or the New York Times' news division. Their core function is to drive people around psychologically until they drop dead from exhaustion. Just like Christopher Columbus' crews in the Caribbean.

The Democrat propagandists drive half the people over a cliff and the Republican propagandist dogs drive the other half into a river of shit. All along the way are the advertisers selling clubs and chains to the drivers and beer and sugar to the drivees, and holding everyone's hands are the priests and bishops trying to screw them for their souls (and 10%, of course).

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