This is the prequel to the unwritten story of Leadership I expect you will someday write.

“In a society based on competition, you inevitably end up with fewer and fewer winners and more and more losers.” Wendell Berry.

The purpose of civilized society is the civil part, where cooperative behaviors are distributed and encouraged as needed. It is as much the fault of a supervisor as the employee if one isn’t good at their job (or moved to one they can be good at). Under today’s form of extraction employment, a human being is something to be evaluated and milked, fed as little as possible, and killed off before becoming a burden. If a person isn’t immediately bringing more than they are getting paid, then they don’t get hired. Standard practice now, because future potential isn’t part of the committee meeting unless it is based on historical data. In other words, the responsibility of training and nurturing people is perpetually excluded from the business of business whenever possible. Speculation civility such as building a workforce from raw recruits is a thing of the past; passed on to schools at the cost of the student.

Perfect example is Donald Trump: a total failure at the job of being president, but a success in the marketing department (as a poster model for distraction and deception). There is little effort to train or guide his activities for the betterment of society: only extraction of his value by aristocrats for the betterment of bank accounts, and the worm’s eye view section has no idea how little they are allowed to see above their hole.

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