This is where I submit that humanity is at the cusp of intentionality. We can continue on with our lizard brain responses to stimuli, or take time to stop and look at the function and dysfunction of our civilizations. To begin with, realizing that civilization is isolating our evolved brains from the natural world that spawned us. Knowing that, we need to revise the way that we build our systems and educate our children. For right now, we need to shut off the spigots of dope and fear that drive the oligarchal exploitation of ignorance. Unfettered rapacity disguised as free market meritocracy is at the root of these cycles of death, not fate. Any unstable system is a result of maladjusted feedbacks. We can’t get out of these loops by “hoping” for an invisible hand or an invisible power to magically appear. All of the information and causes and courses of action are available to us, but to see them, we have to look past the systems and doors that have been locked to us by customs and lies.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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