To blame capitalism (predatory or otherwise) is to throw around guilt as though people act with intentionality.

For the most part, people act instinctively and habitually in response to environment and conditioning programs, usually without question and with fanatical competicism. The weak are at the mercy of the strong because the systems are lacking feedback mechanisms that would slow the flow of value away from the foundational workers.

The opposite of predatory capitalism isn’t guilt, belief or socialism: it’s local self-sufficiency with high consumption taxes. Capitalism and civilization are machines that need to be fully functional and maintained for and by the whole spectrum of people. Wrecking the machinery is wasteful if it can simply be adjusted or changed. This is the basis of elections. Corruption is reason to foster integrity rather than seeking alternate machines of corruption.

This is why we see little difference between parties. They all depend on keeping the rapacious flow of resources going toward the few owners. However, stopping the well-oiled parts of that machine isn’t going to create the missing brakes it needs on the wheels of consumerism.

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