To fix the world, sometimes you have to take it apart. Very few people want to take apart the bullshit about “passion” and “purpose” and “meaning”, choosing instead to accept habits and rituals that have no useful basis except for manipulating people to self-exploitative bidding.

The purpose of life is to be the anti-entropy: to be more useful to the future than consumptive. Whether one makes art or love or tools or guns, in the end we face nature’s laws and not humanity’s imagination. We do what we can and it’s usually best to avoid all of those bad habits of history that have been used against us and kept humanity away from reality. Freedom to live and act intentionally is not going to be built on someone else’s fantasy idea of what the playing field (or battlefield) should be. I think a lot of people lose any sense of their own passion because it is bludgeoned out of them, usually starting in elementary school or church. The ‘Should’ Bullies are everywhere.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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