To quote Wendell Berry, “What are people FOR?”

When we look at all of the other species, they are not confused about their place in the biological systems, and not because they aren’t as ‘advanced’ psychologically as us, but because they didn’t isolate themselves from the risks and rewards of their natural habitats. A species survives long term (barring random catastrophe) when it is useful to its and its environment’s futures. If Earth was a company, humans would be the employees that just show up to steal the office supplies and interfere with the other employees’ usefulness. We don’t have to be like this. We simply have to reverse our concept of economics so that the human being is useful to the planet. We probably won’t, but there is no reason that all of the manipulation systems we use for extraction of resources couldn’t be used to contribute to the planet, and thus, our grandchildren’s future.

We have been hoodwinked by aristocracies into believing our usefulness requires us to work for them and buy their stuff so that we can be ‘civilized’. Civilization itself has deluded people into thinking we are somehow unbeholden to everything that gives us life.

I see the violence and hatred and doomsday mindsets as emergent phenomena of our subconscious awareness that we aren’t acting naturally toward the next meal or place that we live. Human beings feel lost and confused at the most basic level: they don’t have the ability or resources in their hands that will provide them with a future place or meal. Anyone at that point is going to feel threatened and fearful, and that will manifest in many ways, usually aggressive or unpredictable, and their model of the world will be dark and blurry. If you don’t know what I mean, just watch Fox for a few days. Dreary, threatening and fearful is a very profitable marketing technique.

People aren’t destroying the planet just because they are human. They do it because they are civilized that way.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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