True enough. Whatever happens, unless we do change how we relate to the soil as a species, nature will burn it all down for us. She doesn't care how many of us there are, only whether we contribute to the future of her place. We have to stop believing that people make good choices when they only have bad information (artificially low prices, easy jobs, easy credit (stealing from the future), and manipulative advertising doing all of the educating). I don't farm so much now: I build equipment and do repairs for those who do. Some are amazing (,, but they are killing themselves to barely stay ahead of the bills, and far too many are on the edge of retirement age without supporting systems to keep their farms alive for future generations. America abandoned the concept of farming as a community function back in the '70s. Academics, hippies and immigrants are trying to replicate community-based farming, but too much of that depends on urban money that comes from destroying some other place. I know we could go on all day about this, as I often have....our economies are basically running backward (wealth and labor is applied in the wrong direction from the ground).


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