Two points from a farmer:

  1. Cheap food makes cheap people. If a farmer has a barn that holds 100 cows, and every year, he gets a calf from each cow, he knows he can’t keep all of the calves. Yet, that’s what we do by feeding people for no reason except to keep making more people. It’s anachronistic policy to breed so many people that we don’t know what to do with them. Overconsumption is a problem in and of itself, but we then pile perpetual growth on top of it. If people were useful to the planet, it might be a different story.
  2. USDA policies are developed to reduce trade deficits. Nutrition has nothing to do with it. Farm ‘supports’ are just used to moderate crashes, not to help farmers. In the process of “Medicare for All”, we need to consider putting the USDA under the Surgeon General’s office.

All taxes should be sales taxes. Cheap stuff doesn’t do any good for anybody. It just turns useful people into useless consumers.

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