Two things: The simplest version so far is the FairTax plan: a ‘prebate’ covers the cost of sales taxes, and the income tax code is eliminated in favor of sales tax. Increasing the prebate would be the simplest form of UBI, and the sales tax would act as a moderator to prevent runaway inflation. Any solution based on taxing the rich implies that we need rich people exploiting the poor in the first place.

The second point nobody seems to think about was the historical version was homesteading. The government providing someone with land to create their own income is the equivalent to providing basic subsistence resources so they aren’t forced into wage slavery. The main objective being that people are provided a choice between living for their own interests/places vs. living to provide profits to an exploitative employer (or market forces).

Sales tax and Prebate: One simple solution because people don’t need the complexity of cryptocurrency gimmicks.

Sales taxes are less regressive than gentrifying a dying planet.

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