Two threads on this.

1. Yes, we should embrace the chaos of human nature, but we shouldn't fall into the trap that human behavior doesn't need moderation with rules and benefits that are guided by civilized systems. Don't let Relativism Creep corrode wisdom and responsibility to the future of place and people. Accepting that we all have an inner child freak doesn't mean we should get it drunk and put it behind the wheel of destiny (consumerism).

oh,.... shit.

2. A Navy doctor told me a story about 'normal'. Way back in the Cold War days, someone got the idea that they wanted to know what the normal human form was. They collected all the measurements from uniform fittings (probably Air Force: the Navy is more of a Kmart-off-the-rack thing). When they averaged all the arm lengths and leg lengths and chest sizes and foot sizes, they came up with the mean sizes for each. When compared, it turns out that nobody that actually fit the mean in one thing would fit the mean in the others. In other words, you might have an average sleeve length, but your legs wouldn't be, or your hat or chest wouldn't be.

Life is part of its environment, and the environment is part of us.

We have to stop thinking humans are somehow supposed to own everything.

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