Unconsidered in this story is that the people who did not receive that wealth still survived. The resources used to create the 50 trillion dollars would have been better left in the ground, closer to the people who could use them in the future. What makes the poor poor is that they buy unrealistically cheap goods that have no useful purpose except to be consumed, and they work for those who promote and sell those useless products, seeking employment from a system based on those useless products and producing children with a mindset to compete for jobs in that same uselessness-oriented system.

Government's biggest folly is the income tax code, which is used by Democrats to pretend to 'help' the less wealthy, but only ends up making complicated burdens on everyone (worse for those who can't afford the time or an accountant) while favoring those with more wealth than they need by providing tax deductions and incentives to increase a system based on uselessness to the planet.

That $50 trillion of wasted resources belonged to the planet and people closest to it, not to the rich capitalists or the poor capitalists.

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