Unfortunately, the mentality of economists leading up to now has been to basically build everything we take for granted as ‘GDP’ from, well…nothing (have you read what comes out of the patent office these days?). It’s all in the marketing, and it’s all marketing (and debt). Millions of people’s lives are now dependent on keeping the illusion of useful work going along; as though digital entertainment and competitive consumption of electricity to create Bitcoins provides the same benefit to our great grandchildren’s environmental resources as labor-based local farming would do.

Now, we have the contaminated overburden of globalization weighing down our supply lines so that individual states cannot reach the necessities their citizens need, but instead of rebuilding local economies for robustness, our government is trying to spray starting fluid into an engine with no spark and a dead battery.

James Howard Kunstler said it best, “Efficiency is the straightest road to Hell.”

It’s not surprising, since so much of humanity’s morality comes from millennia of religions getting people to pay for a product that never gets delivered. Humans will buy anything as long as they get to buy a prettier one than their neighbor has.

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