Unfortunately, the same politicians touting environmental issues are lying to you as well. They will never consider attacking the root of the consumption problem at the decision point: the checkout. That’s where the consumer makes their choice to make the rich richer by buying their products instead of doing without or making it locally. Liberal environmentalist politicians think that sales taxes are “regressive” and people want the cheap food and “always low prices” that destroyed rural towns and overpopulated the cities.

Those 100 corporations are supported by the corruption of the income tax lobby, as are the liberal politicians selling cheap food (and cheap gas) as a “benefit” for the poverty-stricken communities it creates: all while supporting automobiles, highways and resource wars to make more “shovel-ready” projects.

Ironically, few Democrats or Greens support the FairTax plan, when all they would need to do is negotiate the rate and the prebate to make it a UBI and anti-consumption system.

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