We are seeing aftershocks of secularism and democracy, I’m afraid. There are vast systems that were developed on the infrastructure of shared wealth and futures. Unfortunately, those systems (including the internet) are also being used for highly profitable systems of dividing people into individualists and protecting aristocratic and plutocratic power structures (and borders). The 19th century was full of battles trying to establish democracy vs. slavery. The 20th was full of wars over economic infrastructures trying to establish the dominance of plutocrats. The 21st is fighting over the use of all of the psychological marketing strategies and propaganda developed under mass media in the 20th. Humanity is trying to establish what is really at the heart of our existence (while running from the dark cloud of climate change bearing down on us).

Are we a tribal, cooperative species working toward an intentional future, or are we simply overwhelmed animals being driven by an Invisible Hand holding a shock stick?

The Liberal faction wants to believe in the former, but the ‘Conservative’ factions only know they want to keep holding the stick, no matter which end they get a piece of. We have entered the age of Fanatical Competicism based on competing fanaticisms.

Harari puts it in a lot better literary form in “21 Lessons for the 21st Century

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