We ARE the robots that the movies warned us about. Mecantilized, fanatical competitors fighting over competing fanaticisms. A recent oped pointed out that Victoria Secrets wasn’t about what women want, but what men want women to wear. They miss the point that it’s about what rich men convince women to buy (whether they want it or not) in order to manipulate other men (who have money) to giving up their money buying things for women who buy things to manipulate them, as has been our lot since birth and being raised by advertising copy. By individualizing us, the money takes our identities to the investors and sells them back at 10 times the price. Money only votes for other money. We work to live, but are not allowed to work without money. Fools rush in with fake money and believe HARD that their fake money separates them from the printing presses by using electricity to generate codes from fossil fuels.

A bizarre bunch of robots, but we’re OUR robots, right?

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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