We have allowed systems to be implemented that give us no choice but be brainwashed and disinformed. All of that fear-mongering to sell products and gods? Tax deductible.

Think deeply about that aspect.

We are basically paying corporations to brainwash our children to live as consumptionists, and allowing religions to make bank from lying to children about the universe.

All decisions in a capitalist society are made at the purchase point. All of the politics and disinformation are supported and collated based on the cash register receipts, which are developed and nurtured according to scientific psychological manipulation that we don't get to turn off or refuse to pay for, then we let the government decide which 'businesses' are 'essential' during a national emergency.

First simple solution: eliminate the income tax code (and IRS and all of the unnecessary accounting) and put all overhead costs of civilization at the purchase point to inform people of their actual choices.

Use the sales taxes collected to pay UBI to everyone with no means testing.

Second program: draft all medical personnel into the military system and build a health care system on needs and actual costs.

If socialized medicine is good enough for the troops, it's good enough for everyone.

Third step: Combine Food, Drug, Agriculture and Education under one agency. It's time we put an end to the FDA avoiding agriculture and the agriculture system avoiding good health, and it's time to stop using education programs to prop up bad corporate enslavement of children as factory capitalist fodder (yes, the white collar ones, too).

Fourth and final step: Figure out WTF people are FOR, and stop letting the Invisible Hand Job (consensus derived from Money's manipulation of ignorant and disinformed consumers) determine our morality (BTW religions are just business).

We constantly talk of "human rights", but we don't question whether humans deserve any rights in the very long term of natural laws. What are our systems and beliefs doing that contribute to the long-term improvement of our world and our places outside of the selfish anthropocentrism of conquest and unnecessary consumption?

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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